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hi all,

sorry, i have been away for a long time from here. like so many others, i have been writing and communicating through facebook all these days. but i have realised one thing. what this blog did for me, facebook never can. i believe, i used to have genuine conversations with people here. I understood what they felt about my work and honestly, it has helped me to try and improve. Facebook is easy, convenient and much faster to share everything that needs to be shared. But it’s totally a public space. This is home. I think i took time to realise it. 

So, here i am. Back again. I’ ll write more often hereafter. I have my next directorial film in my head now. Actually it’s in my heart. My head can wait. Because this one, i am not going to write soon. I want it to grow in my heart before i start using my head to write it. When i close my eyes, i can visualise so many scattered parts of it, including the very end of the film. Right now, what my heart holds, is making me smile. This story is honest, genuine and very close to my heart. I want this movie to be my best. So, i ll just let it grow inside!!!

hope u guys have all been doing great :-)





thira’s shoot starts tomorrow..

this film is really important for me and my team.. will give it, our best.. i am not going to write anything more.. i don’t think i can.. pray for us guys.. take care u all..




about Thira

A couple of months back, I was narrating Thira to one of my fav actress in malayalam cinema.. In the middle of my narration, she suddenly asked me something.. “Vineeth, this is how kids love, story telling these days right?”  then I told her “Ma ‘am, this is how I love, story telling these days.”  Then she smiled and said, “yeah, that’s what I said.”  Once I finished the narration, she told me, “I would love to do this film.” It was coming from a two times National Award winner. The moment she said that, a dream became a project.. 

As people had speculated earlier, Shobhana Ma’am is the lead protagonist of my film. My brother Dhyan is debuting as the male lead. Rest of the actors are mostly from outside kerala, as the story happens in Karnataka and Goa. The only actor from my previous film will be Deepak Parambol. Thira is produced by Manoj Menon under the banner ReelsMagic and it’ll be distributed by LJ Films.

My off screen crew is almost the same.. Screenplay for this film is done by my cousin brother Rakesh Mantodi. It’s his first film as a writer.. Shaan, Jomon and the rest of my friends are all there in this one  also.. The team is slowly coming together.. We will work on the pre- production for a couple of months and then start the shoot..

Most of the news about Thira has already come out.. But there is something that has not come out through any source.

Thira is not one film. It’s a trilogy. If everything goes well by god’s grace, Part 1 will be releasing in 2013. Part 2 and Part 3 will follow….


my new film – thira!!

I am stepping into my fav genre of all time – THRILLER!! Attempting this film is gonna be my career’s biggest challenge I have taken so far. I hope I do justice to myself. To me name of the movie is simple but profound. Just how I would want the movie to be. THIRA!!



P.S: I have not given the cast and crew details because certain things need to be sorted. Will give the details asap.



A small note..

From my room I came down to the business centre at “The Jewel” hotel in New York City,feeling an urge to write.But after coming down, my urge is overpowered by hunger. So this won’t take long.. After marriage I am getting used to eating every meal on time…Thanks to Divya,who is desperately trying to make me a better person; kudos to that.

2012 has been an year of achievement for me.I am not talking about Thattathin Marayathu..I promised a girl I would marry her,when I was 19.. And I did..I consider that an achievement.. About Thattathin Marayathu, I should say I got lucky this time also. When you are making a film it is easy to go wrong on judgements, but thankfully it didn’t happen with TM.. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.. When I was ignorant I had the confidence to do Malarvaadi.. The same would apply for TM also,but for TM my learnings from Malarvaadi has helped to a large extent. Now, there is one part of my head where my passion for films is being catapult to another level and the other part is constantly questioning my abilities as a film maker..Dwelling more and more into various aspects of film making, I am confused more and more.. But then, there is this little crazy part of my head and a humongous portion of my heart pushing me everyday to do what I always wanted to do..

In 2013, I want to be a better person.. I want to make a substantial film.. I want to work with some great talents.. I want to read more.. I want to travel more.. I want to see my family and friends happy.. More than all this, I want to be in a better India, as all you guys wish.. 

It’s going to be a better year for all of us.. 




100 days for Thattam!!!

I know I don’t blog that much these days.. my basic laziness has kept me away from writing for quite sometime.. but very soon, I would come back here to write more.. my mind has started wandering again. I get story ideas everyday. i don’t know what exactly it is, but I sure have an idea on what movie I want to do next..

Just an idea!!! that’s how it has always started.. I am waiting for directions, guidelines, characters.. Thankfully I have a screenplay writer this time.. So, the pain of having blank A4 sheets for several days, not being able to write a single line could be shared with someone..

100 days of TM has been an experience.. Success is a beautiful smoke.. when it clears off, reality comes in to tell u that u r as ignorant as where u started off.. but the urge to learn is more this time.. the urge to explore is more.. I hope I make a better film..

It’s 100 days for TM. I am just a few days away from my wedding.. I see hope.. I see light..



studio5, dil chahta hai & thattathin marayathu..

Today’s chennai city would never be complete without Sathyam theatre. The concept of film viewing was revolutionized by Sathyam even before the multiplex fever hit Indian cinema. In 2001 when I was doing my higher secondary schooling, I went to Sathyam to watch “Dil Chahta Hai.” Then, the smallest and the newly opened screen in Sathyam called Studio 5 showed the film. I still remember the taste of crispy chocolate doughnut i had that day [sadly its new form is not as good as what we had back then]. I carried my snack and went inside Studio 5. Title graphics of the movie started and instantly it caught my attention. I was hearing a new kind of music for the first time in an Indian film. Those who love DCH will remember the flute bits in the main theme of DCH. It was too different from the kind of hindi films we used to watch those days. The sound, the visuals, the performance, the interior set ups, the simple stylish making of the film…. everything glued me into the screen for the next couple of hours.

I got out of the theatre like a zombie and didn’t go home for a while. There was a small poster of DCH outside and I kept looking at it for a while. What caught my eye was not the charming aamir or the flawless priety or anybody in that poster. there was this small writing at the bottom called “written & directed by Farhan Akthar.” I was discovering what I wanted to be in my life. I prayed that someday I should make a film which would run in this theatre.

I know I have a long way to go before I could be happy about my writing or direction. Every success is an escape from failure, so there is nothing to be proud also. But I feel thankful to god for all that is happening. My film is running in Studio5 now. When I tried for tickets, it shows “Housefull”. Like I wrote in my film,
“chila aagrahangalokke nammal marannaalum, pulli marakkilla ennu thonnunnu”


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