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back here after a while..

hi everyone, how have u all been doing.. it’s been really really long since i blogged.. i feel like i have lost the hold on my language.. words are not coming that easily as it used to.. but i am smiling when i am writing this.. it feels like home to be here.. it’s not like regular social networking.. this blog has built a beautiful two way street b/w u guys and me; sorry for not showing up for so long.. i have been running around with work for a while now.. facebooking is fast and easy and like anyone else i also resort to that quite often.. but it’s nothing like this.. there is no negativity here when i blog.. it felt like that in 2009 when i started, it feels the same even now!! i am at Dubai airport right now, returning home after a few days of stay here.. i came here for a stage show.. well that’s only the work part of it.. the actual reason i came here is something else.. i came here to speak to some people.. some people who are inspiring me to conceive my next film.. some people whom i have known like family.. i am writing my next film based on certain real life incidents of real people whom i have known quite closely for a few years now.. this might be the toughest film for me to write.. infact, i don’t even know if i ll be able to put everything on paper as beautifully as the dream i have about this film in my head.. i have written three films so far and everytime, it’s only becoming tougher.. i really really hope i do my best work this time.. Because this time, it’s more than work.. this movie involves a few people who are very close to my heart.. i know that the people who come here really do care.. u guys have told me several things through ur comments over the years which i have read and got inspired from,several times.. this time, i am asking u guys a favour.. keep me in your prayers.. i strongly believe in prayers.. and this time i am going to need a lot of them, because this film.. this story; is beyond my talent and calibre to be written.. i am going to try hard to reach there.. i hope i ll be able to.. my wishes to all u guys.. do the best for urself.. take care of ur health.. vineeth


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